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Hello! I am Ruby, I have around 10 years of experience in makeup and salon business. At A2 makeup studio, We are a team of expert makeup artists devoted to helping you feel your inner beauty and glow. We believe that makeup is very precious tool that can intensify your self-confidence, beauty and make you feel special.

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To us beauty and makeup is like the finishing touch on everything. Here, we intend a space where everyone feels confident and cosy in their own, Where makeup is acknowledged as a construction of self-discovery and an aesthetic expression, and where beauty is reanalyzed to seize diversity and individuality.

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Our narrative started with a common love of beauty and a goal to provide a place where people could feel celebrated, at ease, and empowered. Our objective was for a makeup studio that encouraged self-acceptance and self-love in addition to improving physical beauty.

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we use only quality products since your safety and glow is our priority hense there are a few brands we have collaboration with to use